Stoner metalhead princess hating everything and everyone in southern california. I like cats and bodymods.

Home Theme Askk.

Only one without someone to cuddle.
Night i guess.

Finally time to go home n sleep!!

If Only They Knew →

I could get lost in a voice like yours<3

Feet tattoos fucking suck ha.
But still not as painful as having to forget you..

Shop time, sister is getting her tattoo and im waiting to be next.

Sure feels strange being here without you. </3

Can i just skip work and go straight to my tattoo appointment?

Word to the wise:
If youre trynna win back your girl,
you probably dont wanna keep in contact with the person you cheated with.

Missing people fucking sucks.

Woke up feeling like shitttttt fuckk.
Did that really happen last night?
I will stand my ground,
No one will make me feel down about myself again.

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